Zac • Stage IIa Survivor

Zac . 25. Long Island, NY

July 2017 I went to Jamaica for my older brothers wedding. I was jumping of 55ft cliff not thinking about why my testicle was so big. I then went to my mom the day before the wedding and said “mom can you look at my right nut it’s huge.”

I got back to Virginia after the wedding and thought I had a hernia, the doctor came to me and said “you don’t have have a hernia you actually have testicular cancer.” So after I went to Portsmouth hospital got it remover on July 14th. I was told I would be starting chemo September 2nd till November 20th!

It was a short time of chemo but it sucked. I then started the name Halfsaczac which sticks everywhere.

I am alive and have nothing better to be grateful for. Let’s make a difference!

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