Jason • Stage Ia survivor

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Jason . 28 . Irvine, CA

My life changed forever. It was then that I went to the ER to learn that what they thought had been an infection was in fact Testicular Cancer.

As a 28 year old man, I never thought for a minute that it could happen to me. I’m healthy; I like to think.

I felt like Joseph Gordan Levitt in “50/50”, where he first learns of his diagnosis and tries to convince the doctor he must have the wrong person. He didnt. So we immediately removed the Germ Cell Tumor (removal of the testicle) the following week.

Recovery  from surgery went smoothly. It was then I started to feel very fortunate. Fortunate to have caught it early; Fortunate that the form of cancer is treatable;  And extremely fortunate to have friends and family around for support.

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