Riding that Wave

We know what it's like riding that wave both literally and in life.

Established in 2015 in Orange County (Newport Beach), California.


The founder rode that wave when he was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in 2015. It all started after surgery and he was laying in bed recovering when he saw that wave and rode it! Being a Graphic Designer he decided to not sit back and let them keep passing.

"Free The Balls" is essentially freeing (removing) that ball / testicle, which every testicular cancer patient must face.  







We started out talking to young men who were just recently diagnosed and noticed a commonality. Noting that their stories were our stories. One thing led to another and we saw that it was more common than the "stats" say.


Free The Balls is about riding that wave or climbing the highest mountain. It becomes a lifestyle.

Stay Informed. Read about Testicular Cancer and learn how to check yourself here!

collect stories of other testicular cancer survivors to show that it's common, success rate is high

and that they're not alone

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